Film Subsidy

Film Subsidy


1.  Short title and commencement - (1) These Rules may be called "The Kerala

     State (Subsidy to films) Rules 1997". Revised rates are w.e.f. 15/7/2013,

2.  Definition - In these rules, unless the context otherwise requires.

a).      "Films" means Feature films, Children's films, Documentary Films and Short Films both in film and Digital format.


b)       "Feature Film" means full length feature film measuring not less than 2500 meters in length in 35 mm, not less than 90 minutes duration in digital format as certified by Central Board of Film      Certification.


c)        (i) "Film format" means film originally shot on any celluloid formats (70 MM 35 MM/16MM)


(ii)      "Digital Format" means, film submitted on digital format with a minimum resolution of 1920 pixels width (cinema scope aspect ratio) or 1080 pixels height (16:9/4:3 aspect ratio) originating from a minimum one inch sensor for feature and children's film and for documentary films the sensore specification would be a minimum HDV and shot with 1/2 inch sensor. A committee constituted within the Editing and Cinematography departments of KSFDC and its Studio Manager will verify and certify the technical specification of originating source.


d)      "Children's film" means full length Children's film with a length not less than 1200 meters in 35MM/not less than 45 minutes duration in Digital Format as certified by the Central Board of Film Certification.


e)       "Documentary/Short film" means Documentary/Short Film with a length not less than 200 meters in 35 mm/not less than 7 minutes duration shot in Digital Format as certified by Central Bard of Film Certification.


f)        Government" means Govt. of Kerala


g)       KSFDC means Kerala State Film Development Corporation Limited,


h)       CBFC means Central Board of Film Certification.


i)        Producer" means the person whose name is given in the certificate issued by the Central Board of film Certification as the product of the film or in the absence of which the name(s) given as  producer (s) in the application of subsidy.


j)        Standard quality means film of some social relevance satisfying the basic norms of aesthetics and contributing to healthy human sentiments as a work of art.

     The quantum of subsidy under the Rules shall be decided by the Government from time to time. For the time being subsidy shall be given under two categories.


a)       Films produced completely in the State of Kerala utilising the facilities available with KSFDC (Short, processed, recorded, re-recorded edited, printed or mastered). The producers under this   scheme will be allowed to utilise outside technical facilities if such facilities are not available at KSFDC and Chithranjali Studio under it. This will be done within or outside Kerala under the arrangement of KSFDC as and when required.


Rules Governing 2 (a)

The quantum of subsidy will be as follows:

1.   Feature Films              :     Rs.       5 Lakhs

2.  Children's Films           :     Rs.  3.75 Lakhs    


Films produced (shot, processed, recorded, re-recorded, edited, printed or mastered) in the state of Kerala but not utilising only the facilities available with the KSFDC and Chithranjali Studio the rates of subsidy admissible shall be as follows:

Rules Governing 2 (b)

The quantum of subsidy will be as follows:

i).   Feature films                   :      Rs.   1,87,500                                  

ii).  Children's Films               :      Rs.   2,50,000


Ill (c) Govt. may also relax the rule regarding the condition stipulated for shooting the film completely in Kerala State if they are satisfied that it was absolutely necessary to have a portion of the film shot outside the State of Kerala. The final length of the portion of the film so shot outside Kerala should not exceed 10% of the total length of the Film. The guage of the film will be determined on the basis of relevant entry in the certificate issued by the CBFC.


VII.  Every application for subsidy shall be accompanied by the following documents.                                                                 I

g)Certificate from KSFDC to the effect that the film produced is in the prescribed Digital format if the film is in Digital Format.


Part II Subsidy to Award films.

a) The quantum of subsidy for Malayalam feature films/Children's films (for both 35 mm and Digital formats) produced completely in the State of Kerala utilising only the facilities available with KSFDC and Chitranjali Studio under the Corporation, and which do not require any waiving of rule for subsidy, and which win first best and second awards at State, National, International Festivals will be Rs.6 lakhs and Rs.5 lakhs respectively.

b) The Malayalam Feature films (both in 35 mm and digital formats) produced in Kerala as per Rule 2 (a) utilising the entire facilities of Chitranjali Studio which ot entry to Indian Panorama may be given Rs.6 lakhs as subsidy.

c) The Documentary/Short films produced in Kerala using the entire facilities of Chitranjali Studio under 2 (a) scheme which won:

1) The State Award as Best Documentary/Short films will be given One lakh as subsidy.

2) The National, International Award for the best Documentary/Short Films will

be given two lakhs as subsidy.

The International Film Award recognized for the purpose shall be a) International Film    Festival Award either recognised by FIAPF or festivals

which are of competitive in nature and conducted under the auspicious or with

the recognition of the national Govt. concerned.


 Documentary Department 

Documentaries Advertisement films produced in the last year 2013 

1. Animal Husbandry Department Documentary on  Hightech Farming Dog training 

2.Kerala State Financial Enterprise   8 ad films .on different loans and chits 

3. Directorate of Handloom - One ad film on Onam offers

4. National Games Secretariat - Documentation on the construction of stadiums

     throughout   Kerala

5. Kerala State Backward Class Development Corporation   one ad film one documentary

6. Energy Management Centre  One documentary fiction

7. Child Development Centre One corporate video

8.  Kerala Women's Commission One promotional ad film

9.  Kerala Handlooms-one ad film

10.Kerala Electrical and allied Engineering - one documentary