Tenders and Quotations

       Tenders and Quotations

1. Time extension, PREBID reply and Revised Expression of Interests (EOI) are invited from reputed Architectural/Engineering consultancy firm for Structural Design Consultancy, Theatre Consultancy firms, MEP Consultancy firms, AV & Acoustic Consultants.  (26.09.2023)

2. Expression of Interests (EOI) are invited for used theater chair purchase.  (19.08.2023)

3. Expression of Interest for the legal advice cum Business operations support of Over The Top (OTT) platform by KSFDC.  (21.07.2023)

4. Expression of Interests (EOI) are invited.  (01.07.2023)

5. Sealed item rate tenders are invited for SITC of SMF/Tubular batteries at various locations of KSFDC.  (08.06.2023)

6. Sealed quotations are invited for the sale of One Number old 250 kVA Diesel Generator set, Diesel storage tank and pipings, MS Exhaust pipe, DG control panel.  (18.05.2023)

7. Tender for Sale of Various Scrap Items at Kairali /Sree Theatre Thrissur.  (10.05.2023)


8. Tender for the sale of Old Auditorium Chairs at Kairali /Sree Theatre Thrissur.  (10.05.2023)


9. Quotation notice for Oil filtering of oil cooled 160 kVA transformer.  (10.05.2023)




  e-tenders(For more details visit https://etenders.kerala.gov.in)


1. No: 8194/T2/22/KSFDC: RE-E-Tenders are invited for "Upgradation with Modern Digital Technologies" of Kairali/Sree Theatre Thrissur ( Phase-2). Last date for bid submission of e-tender will be at 3.00 p.m. on 18.08.2023. Tender ID 2023_KSFDC_588994_1.(06.08.2023)

2. 4141/T3/2023/KSFDC: E-tenders are invited for Annual Maintenance & Service contract for Package/Tower/Split Air Conditioners at various units of KSFDC theatres for a period of 1 year.Last date of receipt of e-tenders will be 10/07/2023, 3.00 PM. TENDER ID: 2023_KSFDC_584464_1. (27.06.2023)

3. 4290/T1/23/KSFDC: E-tenders are invited for ‘Granting Licence for On Screen Advertisement (Screening of short films/Slides/Still Films etc.) in various KSFDC theatres for a period of 1 year.Last date of receipt of e- tenders will be 13/07/2023, 6.00 PM. (27.06.2023)

TENDER ID: 2023_KSFDC_584308_1, 2023_KSFDC_584328_1, 2023_KSFDC_584296_1, 2023_KSFDC_584316_1, 2023_KSFDC_584321_1, 2023_KSFDC_584285_1, 2023_KSFDC_584267_1, 2023_KSFDC_584243_1

4. Retender for Theatre Engineering Works at Payyannur Theatre Complex. (18.04.2023)

5. E-Tenders are invited for Design engineering supply installation testing and commissioning of HVAC work at head office KSFDC Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum. Last date for receipt of tender at 3.00 PM on 27.03.2023. ( No: 3079/T1/2022/KSFDC ) ( Tender ID 2023_KSFDC_566315_1 ) (17.03.2023 )

6. Re-e-tenders are invited for Supply and installation of computer and hard disk for Kairali/Sree Theatre, Thrissur under KSFDC. Last date for receipt of tender at 2.00 PM on 23.03.2023. ( No.1355/T1/2013/KSFDC ) ( Tender ID 2023_KSFDC_566854_1 ) (17.03.2023 )        

7. E-Tenders are invited for maintenance work of the existing roof of Kairali/Sree theatre, Alappuzha. Last date for receipt of tender at 3.00 PM on 29.03.2023. ( No: 3760/T1/2015/KSFDC ) ( Tender ID 2023_KSFDC_566973 _1 ) (17.03.2023 )

8. E-Tenders are invited for the civil maintenance work at Kairali/Sree theatre, Chittur. Last date for receipt of tender at 3.00 PM on 29.03.2023. ( No: 07/T1/08/KSFDC ) ( Tender ID 2023_KSFDC_567056_1 ) (17.03.2023 )

9. Re-E-Tenders are invited for CAMC for package ductible split air-conditioners work at Kairali/Sree theatre, Kozhikode. Last date for receipt of tender at 3.00 PM on 24.03.2023.( No: 345/T2/2023/KSFDC ) ( Tender ID 2023_KSFDC_567257_1 ) (17.03.2023 )